API Reference

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These documents describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of the Network Microservice Overlay.


Three APIs are used for interaction between Bayware components and third-party systems. These APIs are:

  • Controller Northbound RESTful API (NB API)
  • Controller Southbound RESTful API (SB API)
  • Agent RESTful API (Agent API)
Network Microservice Protocols and APIs

Fig. 168 Figure. Network Microservice Protocols and APIs

NB API provides third-party software with the access to the service, user, and node management functions. The controller GUI utilizes the NB API as well.

SB API is the interface between the controller and IceBreaker Nodes. It provides the nodes with the access to the node, link, and service endpoint registration functions, including initial configuration and subsequent configuration support of these entities. Besides, the SB API processes the node’s requests for publishing statistics and alerts.

Agent API is used by Bayware-enabled applications to set up and manage the service endpoints.

The Engine Connection Request Trigger (CRT) is the special interface used by the controller to trigger the switch to establish connection for immediate data update on either switch or controller side, e.g. flow CRL update, topic policy update, re-tagging connections, tunnel endpoint provisioning, providing meter values.