Review Steps

You now have an environment for multi-cloud application deployment with two core components–fabric manager and policy orchestrator.

The fabric manager allows you to add or remove cloud resources in AWS, Azure, and GCP to satisfy your application’s computational needs. Whereas the policy orchestrator is a tool for over-the-top segmentation of the application services deployed on those resources.

For practice purposes, you have already set up one VPC with the policy processor, securing the location, and one workload node, ready for deployment of an application service. You can now add more workload nodes to the VPC and/or create more VPCs with processor and workload nodes in each.

At this point, you can exit from the BWCTL prompt by running the command:

(myfab2) bwctl> quit

Next Step

At the next step, you will create a resource interconnection policy for your workload nodes. For now, the nodes you have created are isolated from each other and the external world.